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  • Soy extract

Description: Soy beans (Glicine max) cleaned and selected, heat processed to inactivate antinutritional factors and eliminate possible pathogens and contaminants, stripped and micronized at an average diameter of 120 mesh (50% of the volume passing through a sieve). 200 mesh). It presents characteristics of fine and dry cream colored powder. It is a 100% natural product, free of chemical processes, presenting itself as a source of essential amino acids, among other nutritional factors that are suitable for a balanced diet. It has high solubility.

Applications: They are broad, as a substitute for proteins and fats, substitute for protein flours of vegetable origin, also used as an emulsifier, source of amino acids, unsaturated fats, for ready use or in formulas and recipes of other products.


Use: As an ingredient in soups, bakery products, sausages with vegan appeal, dairy mixes, shakes, or even pure as a substitute for whole milk powder (as long as it is not the only food).


Package weight: 20 kg (plastic bags)


Validity: 12 months.

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