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Who are we

INABEL INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE ALIMENTOS, founded in 2015, is a company specialized in the processing of transgenic (SGMO) and non-transgenic (SNGMO) soybeans, from an automated production line, devoid of chemical processes and, through fundamentals and techniques, guarantees food safety and quality.


With the records of ANVISA and the Ministry of Agriculture, it safely serves small and large companies, both in the human food category and also for animal nutrition. In order to build customer loyalty, INABEL works with a commitment to deadlines, warranty and quality control, providing satisfaction in the acquisition of the product, in the application and after-use results.


It counts with the NIRS technology of the FOSS brand Infratec ™ 1241 device for reading basic parameters in order to guarantee and maintain the quality of the grains and processed soybeans daily.


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